Jack Kornfield Ajahn Chah

It seems there is no running away from Ajahn Chah for me. He must have been a remarkable teacher to have so many great students who themselves are leading life lessons for so many. I have been listening to podcasts by Ajahn Brahm for more than a year. He is a student of Ajahn Chah based in Australia. His podcasts and videos on youtube have been listened/watched by millions. I have learnt a lot from his teachings.

Today when starting for work I looked for my listening diet for the fifty minute commute and settled on Tim Ferris show. From the title it was about meditation, joy in the present the regular mindfulness things. Guest was a guy names Jack Kornfield. I didn’t really had many expectations except to be good talk as Tim chooses the best :-) And what a surprise it turned out to be. Of course Jack is a student of Ajahn Chah. He had amazing stories to tell. I have only listened to an hour of the episode and that is only 13 of the episode. Few of the notable things

“My mind is like a bad neighbourhood, I don’t want to go there alone”, Moving story from Kymer Rouge time and Maha Ghosananda in Combodia. Jack’s childhood stories.

Looking forward to listening to the rest. You can find it here. Might update this after listening all.

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