Building HTPC 3 Capabilities and big picture

_(This is the last of this HTPC build series do read the Part 1 – HTPC Research and Part 2 – HTPC Build )_

After researching for almost 3 years HTPC was finally built and is the center of my audio video setup. It is truly a one-box-to-rule-the-all solution. I was able to replace the following AV components with this single box

  1. Google TV – online streaming
  2. WDTV Live – local media player
  3. Comcast Cable Settop box
  4. Bluray-DVD player
  5. Digital Video Recorder

Here is a photo I posted on facebook

My AV Setup now includes – HTPC, audio receiver, RF based keyboard and remote, Harmony remote. HTPC provides the following capabilities

  • Live cable TV
  • DVR
  • Netflix, Hulu etc
  • Desi movie watching from
  • Online music – pandora, saavn, dhingana
  • Local media play i.e. digital photos, home videos
  • Bluray/DVD player
  • File and backup server

Let us see how long this setup would last :)

Pankaj Kumar
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