DJ Adams started the conversation about cloud native on his recent post. Having seen the journey of SAP Cloud Platform from JPaaS days to present I have certainly been close to the principles and patterns that are now called “Cloud Native” I started commenting on DJ Adams blog and it got so long that I thought of writing it as a post in itself so here we go. Before delving in to details of “Cloud native” let’s setup some context on why it is important at all for businesses.

It seems there is no running away from Ajahn Chah for me. He must have been a remarkable teacher to have so many great students who themselves are leading life lessons for so many. I have been listening to podcasts by Ajahn Brahm for more than a year. He is a student of Ajahn Chah based in Australia. His podcasts and videos on youtube have been listened/watched by millions. I have learnt a lot from his teachings.

Steven Sinofsky of a16z in an epic post on organization design comparing functional orgs (sales, finance, engineering etc) vs Unit orgs (Product 1 Unit, Product 2 Unit etc) acting as businesses within business.

Having been on wordpress for more that twelve years it was time for this aging techie to try some thing new. The new shiny toy is static hosting on github. This is enable by super cool static site generator Hugo The theme I am using is called Tranquil Peak and can be found on Hugo themes

It is interesting to see the new architecture of wordpress. and self-hosted wordpress is all REST enabled now. There is a new desktop client. You can even manage your self hosted blogs from They even use the new js flavor of the times – react ( I love react as well). From techie perspective it is quite nice. What I would hate to see is that now that I am lured into logging into wordpress.

Join @rwang0 @finnern @aiazkazi @njasta @moyalynne at SITsv at HanaHaus in Palo Alto.  I will be speaking on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The event is free. Register here. More info and agenda on SCN.

Lately there has been a lot of chatter about bubble in Silicon Valley. This article by Nick Bilton in vanity fair is the latest in that chatter. No doubt there is a preponderance of getting oneself in The Unicorn Club. The burn rates among startups are high. @pmarca raised the cash burn concern an year ago but has been mocking end of world on all the recent dips. Even the fine folks at Hacker News are discussing this.

Fellow cloudman Matthias Steiner tweeted about pay as you go model and clouds wonder why so many critics are obsessed by “pay-as-you-go” irt #cloud. I’m pretty sure they all have a #flatrate for their mobiles… #ensw — Matthias Steiner (@steinermatt) May 24, 2013   Since I have been doing cloud and pricing for the past few years I had few thoughts on this. Pricing is an art and science combined.

Bay area at its best. Thanks to Bjorn Goerke for quoting this by Steinbeck which is so apt ( ) When I was a child growing up in Salinas we called San Francisco “the City”. Of course it was the only city we knew, but I still think of it as the City, and so does everyone else who has ever associated with it. A strange and exclusive word is “city”.

Often when I am travelling I see these giant green circles on the ground. They look beautiful and is clear are man made. But what is going on. I have seen them all over the US, on the west coast, while flying to east or south you can see them. Finally the mystery was solved when I was watching “America Revealed – Food Machine” by PBS. These are agriculture fields or food factories irriagated by something called central pivot irrigation system.