China India GDP Gap Last 20 years

A picture is worth 1000 words. This is from cool google service based on UN data What happened in the last 20 years. Look at the increasing chasm between China and India GDP.

Negative side of Social Networking

The world of social networking is catching very fast with the real world. Having water cooler talk is pretty normal but hear this now. I was getting ready for a welcome party for a baby and like any self respecting geek I asked Ms Beta Thoughts – hey I like this white shirt what do you think? Umm… didn’t you wear this when we went to Santa Cruz boardwalk, and we uploaded the photos so every one has seen this.

Hindi on G1

Am I the only one who care about seeing Hindi on G1 phone? So far the big search company has been very good for Hindi. Alok would attest that. But for whatever reason Hindi, still shows as boxes on Google. I was hoping the cupcake release would have that but not yet.

Airtel Call Home Misleading 1 cent campaign

First a little background – I have used Airtel Call Home for calling India in the past and generally like their voice quality. They had also ran great introductory offers when they started which gave good run for the money to Reliance India Call – gold standard in India calling. Competition has been good in this market and has pushed the prices down considering it used to be 65-70 cents a minute when I came to US in 1999.

Congrats to President Obama

Wow, so CA closed the deal :D. Many many congrats to Barack Obama. It is a historic moment in the US history. Watching so many people jubilant in Grant Park is fun. A good break from the melancholy financial mess scene.

A Good SOA Analogy

Thomas Otter was mulling over how analogies are a great tool in internalizing new concepts like SOA. His analogy of pointing the difference between a laptop/notebook and Desktop is a good one and points to the loosely coupled and tightly coupled systems. There is another analogy I really like and I believe is a good one in explaining SOA to someone. It comes from Bernard Wheeler at Sun. Here it is in its entirety

People want to connect

All of us have seen the rise of social software wave in the last few years. If I were to put these software on human life scale – wikis and forums would be the oldies, blogs the middle age folks, FaceBook-Myspace-Orkut-LinkedIn as the young adults and twitter, friendfeed as the teens. The underlying human behavior for the success of everything social on internet is greatly summarized by Clay Shirky in his book “Here Comes Everybody”


A quick look up for the meaning of internalize at answers.com tells me it is “to take in and make an integral part of one’s attitudes or beliefs”. Over the years I have realized that it takes quite a long time for ideas to “really” sink in. You might read a book on behavioral economics and really like the ideas and various biases presented in it and say wow that is cool.

Dr Krugman wins Noble

Over the years I have grown fond of economics. I stumbled across Brad deLong’s blog and started reading some stuff about economics. Then I read “The Great Unraveling” and it was a pleasure to read the ways Dr. Krugman explained some of the concepts using simple models. For the last few months I have been reading his blog at NYTimes and it has been very very informative. So when I read on Marginal Revolution this morning that Dr.

Tryst with destiny now in tags

I came to know about Wordle a service which can turn any text into tags. See how independence day speech by Nehru looks in tags