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What works in US

In a NYT op-ed about Genius of Jobs, Walter Isaacson made a comment about US ingenuity and how it is THE advantage that seperates US from India and China. In my experience I would say 3 things that work well in US 1. Scaling what works best – Ideas that work are scaled rapidly and money flows to them. You would see no-name companies go from small start to national international in matter of years.

India Development Atanu Dey of Deeshaa

Atanu’s post over at Deeshaa about India Development are always very pertinent. In his latest post on _leapfrogging_India into a developed nation and his related posts elsewhere on Deeshaa he brings up excellent points. Gist of it is that you don’t go from an agricultural econmoy to services economy, you have to go thru the industrial/manufacturing stage. And for a large economies like India most of the stuff/products should be consumed domestically.

Tsunami Blog and easiest way to help

Various sources (Acorn, Brij et al) point to the Tsunami blog set up by few folks to aggregate the information about Tsunami relief efforts. This link points to the list of important telephone numbers on the Tsunami blog. Also contribute to the relief efforts in whatever way you can. Ram Dhan has made it very easy by setting up a site to contribute by Paypal. Click the link below to find more

The world is really noticing us or it is good PR

Stories like A Giant So Big It’s a Proxy for India’s Economy always make me prowd, but then somewhere in the back a thought lurks is it a result of good PR. But anyway this story reminds me of an advice CNET radio anchor for a investment talk show use to give – “Tech stocks are not the real index of economy, shares like Home Depot, Wal-Mart really tell you where the economy is going”

Let us all go to India this summer

Seems like this is the time to go to India. I had no plans to visit India 3 weeks earlier and now I am busy shopping tickets for it. Looks like people and people have beaten me to it. I am getting tickets in excess of $1450. Steep price boo hoo hoo May be someone will tell me the phone number of an angel travel agent who can procure tickets for the good ol’ price of $1200.

IT to India look who is watching

I have been reading Brad DeLong‘s writings for quite sometime. I first came across him for one his book “Slouching towards Utopia”. This book made me feel good as it described the life of a worker during Victorian ages and present workers. Brad is a Professor of Economic at UCB and it is good to see how closely he is following IT to India phenomenon. Today on his blog he pointed to a story on Hindu about “Google opening office in India”.