Golden rules of consulting

When I started Beta Thoughts one of the very first categories I had created was consulting. Idea was to share some of the thoughts, best practices etc. that I have gained over the years. During the last few years I have been to many places, got to be part of exciting teams, different work environments etc. One thing that has remained constant is two golden rules that were told to me by Michael Chio, an excellent consultant on my very first consulting gig in Bay Area.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Projects

I think I am going to be reading Sadgopan’s blog more and more. He pointed to an article in CIO magazine about an IT project faliure. Now I work as a consultant who implements IT systems to automate business processes. Studying and practicing good project implementation practices is something which I have deep interest in. The article sums it well at the end and every business stake holder should learn it by heart that

MS in Services coming near to you

There are times when I think about going back to school get masters. Often I have thought if I go back what would I be specializing in? Now being a geek at heart I can’t imagine myself getting into a totally tangential field. Being a consultant I have always been involved with high pressure projects and you have to deliver at the right time with the right cost. If you don’t you are out of the game quickly.

Let us get Rolling

As I said earlier for the corporate world Roller type java blogs make a lot more sense. Sun’s decision to use Roller also cemented these thoughts. Finally I installed Roller 0.9.8 at my present client and boy that was a breeze of an install. While it can not be compared to the 5-minute install of WordPress but for a multi-user blogging application deployed on a solid J2EE based scalable architecture it is great.

Consulting I love it I hate it

I have been a consultant for many years now. It has taken me to many new places, to many clients almost across complete US. While on the road experiences are bound to happen. Some good and some not so good. I always wanted to write them but never had the put them somewhere in a structured manner. Now with the medium of weblogs, I have got just what I was looking for.