I recently wrote about if USPS can survive as webvan, on a similar note it was refreshing to see this NYT story about Deutsche Post and how it is thriving and evolving for digital age

The Deutsche Post office across from the train station here offers DVDs, umbrellas, phone cards and toys — with the processing of mail appearing nearly an afterthought. And the facility housing it is not a post office at all. Deutsche Post occupies a corner space in a bank.

What was news to me was how USPS is constrained by law not to evolve or play in limited markets

It’s easy to say that the U.S.P.S. is a bunch of morons, but they live under legislative restrictions on what businesses they can enter and are expressly prevented from entering business unless it’s related to physical mail.

Now thats a bummer. I wonder if these legislative restrictions would be relaxed as things get more digital.