All of us have seen the rise of social software wave in the last few years. If I were to put these software on human life scale – wikis and forums would be the oldies, blogs the middle age folks, FaceBook-Myspace-Orkut-LinkedIn as the young adults and twitter, friendfeed as the teens. The underlying human behavior for the success of everything social on internet is greatly summarized by Clay Shirky in his book “Here Comes Everybody”

Human beings are social creatures – not occasionally or by accident but always. Sociability is one of our core capabilities, and it shows up in almost every aspect of our lives as both cause and effect. Society is not just the product of its individual members; it is also the product of its constituent groups.

Similar views were echoed by Seth Godin in this post where he said

It’s so tempting to believe that we are merely broadcasters, putting together a play list and hurtling it out to the rest of the world. Louder is better. But we’re not. Now we’re leaders.

People want to connect. They want you to do the connecting.