internalize an ideaA quick look up for the meaning of internalize at tells me it is “to take in and make an integral part of one’s attitudes or beliefs”. Over the years I have realized that it takes quite a long time for ideas to “really” sink in. You might read a book on behavioral economics and really like the ideas and various biases presented in it and say wow that is cool. But unless the idea is internalized you will probably forget it. It would be akin knowing a word and its dictionary meaning but never use it in conversations. It is only after you have read the same idea again and again in various contexts, have discussed about it with your peers, friends etc that the ideas are absorbed. Some of the ideas that have taken time for me our opportunity cost, time value of money and the one pertaining to my profession IT is enabler of business or a tool if you would.

What ideas do you have that took time to sink in?

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