Here is a clue to Intel/AMD – with HD camcorders becoming a commodity a lot more consumers will be mucking around with HD movies at home. Just the playback of HD quality (1080p) movies in AVCHD format is a heart churning exercise for computer processors. I run some pretty heavy enterprise server applications on my computer and my computer has been chugging along faithfully. But today when I tried to playback a AVCHD movie using Oxygen and shooted using the brand new Canon HF 100, my computer showed signs of age. My immediate reaction was to get a computer with more fire under its belly.

So a little nudge from the microprocessor makers would go a long way for consumers to upgrade their computers.

BTW if you are in the market for a HD camcorder and looking for resources to research – Camcorder forum at AVS Forums is a great resource. There is even a blog for the Canon model I bought. Looking for samples of HD video online – vimeo is your friend. It is the videos like this that made me buy the camcorder. When playing the video don’t forget to switch the HD mode on.

Ein Hahn – Again from Martin Koch on Vimeo.