As speculated on Firefox wiki Safari, the web browser from Apple has been released for Windows. It is a very interesting development as this would take away some market share from IE and Firefox. It is also important for me as my work involves accessing enterprise apps using a browser. So far most of the time folks would access these apps using a browser that is IE or Firefox. But now that Apple has unleashed its Safari on windows users it would be interesting to see if how this pans out for us.

Anyway I was following WWDC07 over the internet and it was quite close to being there, here is screenshot of the Safari Announcement

Steve jobs is a master salesman. Few things to note from his keynote are how successfully he uses “the hook” technique for presenting ideas or telling a story. Just like films or serials/sitcoms have punch lines to pique the interest notice he has “One more thing…” in the above picture. Also to note is how the core ideas or takeaways from the keynote were reinforced at the end with the following – sweet, simple and easy to remember line

“So, we’ve seen this morning Leopard, Safari for Windows, and an awesome way to write apps for the iPhone.”