Finished another redesign of Beta Thoughts. It is hard to understand why I redesign. This redesign is probably the best I have seen on this semi-active blog. Here is how I did it

  1. I have used the BloggingPro Widgets Ready theme from Blogging Pro.
  2. Choice of colors comes from the latest book by Geoffery Moore – Dealing with Darwin. I am quite pleased with how it has turned up.
  3. Beta Thoughts logo at the top is created by using the excellent font Delicious found here.
  4. Changed the image on About page. Now it shows a photograph clicked while on our way back from Santa Barbara going towards Solvang.

  5. Used the SDN profile image on the front page profile and also provided the link to my profile on LinkedIn.

  6. Switched the tag line from “My tech life – Enjoying every moment of IT” to “Intense Activity – in the midst of eternal calmness”. This one comes originally from Bhagwad Gita but was reiterated beautifully by Swami Vivekanand in his lecture series Practical Vedanta.

  7. Few things are still left to be done like comment form colors, round edges etc.

  8. Apart from this I used Notepad, FileZilla, Powerpoint, Paint.Net and MS Paint.

If you happen to notice this change, do let me know how you like it.