Few days back I was at Project Management training and our excellent instructor asked what is the problem executives are trying to solve by going for ERP implementation. What he said rhymed with some thing Jeff Nolan wrote today on Future of Enterprise Software

CEOs are concerned about growing their businesses in an era of increasing uncertainty and efficiency demands; business managers need real-time visibility for intra- and inter-company events, as well as the ability to reconfigure processes with increasing frequency; the CFO, meanwhile, has to ensure regulatory compliance and business integrity.

For the CIO, these challenges come at time when maintenance costs are rising and the number of trusted partners are shrinking — systems remain undiminished, yet there are fewer vendors capable of supporting large-enterprise customers. We are down to less than 200 publicly traded tech providers from over 400 in 2001.

Thanks to Jeff for penning these thoughts and Om Malik for bringing all the folks writing thoughts on future of software.