Long time readers of Beta Thoughts would know my love for Maps. May be this comes from the time I spent in creating GIS for Chandigarh while still at college. I was so happy when Google released its map offering with cool AJAX features. I even did a little screencast using Wink.

Today Yahoo released the Beta version of its maps application based on flash and I love it. Yahoo maps API is so easy that it takes less than few minutes to comeup with your stuff. Based up on their Javascript API I created a flash based map of the center of desi land i.e. Lawrence and El Camino cross section with a overlay of “Indian Food” You can see my favorite grocery shop in the map along with 10 other points.

So far it is only US based (I can see smoke coming out of Niks ears) Hopefully they will cover the rest of world along with a little island somewhere in Asia-Pacific.