While driving around riding my new Firefox 1.5, I stumbled across something called FON. Initial words “FON is is wifi revolution” caught my attention I started reading more about it. It is a pretty interesting concept analogous to File-sharing networks. Here instead of sharing your files you are actually sharing your internet bandwidth so that FON members can utilize your bandwidth and surf the net while they are near you and you get the same benefits if you happen to be near a FONer. From there website

FON is an integration of those wanting to contribute to free universal communication and solidarity. We are a usernet growing larger every time we exchange part of our bandwidth for the ability to connect to the bandwidth of other FON members, in every moment from every location in the world.

Pretty interesting. I am sure telecom companies won’t like it. They might even introduce a clause in the service ūüėÄ But if an idea catches up with the masses there is nothing there to prevent it from spreading like virus. So far this is only in Europe let us see when it becomes common in US specially the silicon valley