These days there is lot of talk about mass media and its future in the coming age. There are those in the blog world that pronounce that mass media will be marginalized more and more as we move further along. Then there are those in the mass media like Forbes who dedicate a full issue for attacking the bloggers.

My personal belief is that a lot of stories in the blog world start by referring to something seen/read/heard from the mass media and then the author’s take on it. I am not saying that there is nothing original written in the blog world but rather there is good amount of let’s say filtering from Mass Media that happens. Posts about good stories get published a lot and get a lot of comments. While if the mass media committed a folly, it would be pointed out loud. Most of the blog writers do something else for a living while journalists or professional writers do it for a living so naturally they have more time to research and are generally better articulate in putting their thoughts on paper. Coming back to what is mass media disappeared one day – it would be a very dull day for bloggers. So much that we might even see a drop in internet bandwidth usage that day ūüėÄ