One of the reason for moving from Louisville KY to bayarea was the startup activity that happens in the valley. It is too much fun being surrounded by geeks 😀 Andreeson whose Netscape started the IPO fever is telling on the same lines

There’s a critical mass of investors — way more than anywhere else, which does matter. [There are] sales people, executives, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and you’re in the flow of what’s actually going on. [Being in tech and not being in Silicon Valley] is like trying to be in the movie business not in LA or trying to be in national politics and not be in D.C. You just don’t know what’s going on half the time. You get outside the valley and you’re not aware of next six startups that just got funded. That actually matters.

Ofcourse now that I am here there are other reasons like great food choices for Indian Cuisine, lots of buddies from PEC – the school I went to in Chandigarh, Naz8 and so on.