A nice hotel is a must for any business traveller. A good night at a decent hotel can do good for the business. As a SAP professional constantly on the road, I can associate with this. Just read over at Rajesh Jain’s Emergic about the new hotels from Tata group called indiOne. Rajesh has good things to say about this hotel. From the looks they look pretty decent. Have a dekho yourself

    <img width="162" height="157" src="http://www.indione.com/images/new_IO_SSR2.jpg" /><img width="162" height="157" src="http://www.indione.com/images/new_IO_SSR3.jpg" />

Nice fact about the hotel is that first the price of the rooms was fixed and then the infrastructure was built backwards from there or as Rajesh puts it “bottom-up innovation”. For 1000 bucks a night this is great deal.

Considering SAP India is in the walking distance from there I might just land up there some day. If you are going to SAP TechEd ’05 Bangalore, this might be the place to spend your nights.