Atanu’s post over at Deeshaa about India Development are always very pertinent. In his latest post on _leapfrogging_India into a developed nation and his related posts elsewhere on Deeshaa he brings up excellent points. Gist of it is that you don’t go from an agricultural econmoy to services economy, you have to go thru the industrial/manufacturing stage. And for a large economies like India most of the stuff/products should be consumed domestically. It is the last point that got me interested in these posts by Atanu. I was still in college so it must be at least 7-8 years old news. A couple of professors from Berkeley or Stanford were visiting Banglore and they echoed the same things that for Banglore to be the Real Silicon Valley most of the services generated by it should be consumed in the domestic market.

Any way here are the links to Atanu’s posts

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