In one of my lives, while I was still in college, I did a lot of work on GIS (ArcGIS and MapInfo) or geographical information systems. As a group we digitized the Chandigarh and applied a lot of GIS techniques for Income Tax department, one of the local elections etc. When I came to US in 1999 it amazed me to see the Yahoo Maps and Mapquest etc. But these maps were essentially static. Today I saw the newest kid in the maps and directions world – Google. My initial reaction was GOOD! Using the stateless HTTP they have made interactive maps. I was impressed to the point that I created a little flash movie of Google Maps testing. Here is what I tried on it

  1. Find an address near San Jose Airport

  2. Zoom out to see more of silicon valley.

  3. Pan to move around in the valley.

  4. Finally go back to the point where I started.

[FLASH] ,464, 358 [/FLASH]