For the past few weeks/month Silicon Valley has been abuzz with the talks about Flock – a browser based on Firefox with lot of stuff added to make life easier. Before going further I would like to remind the readers a phrase coined by Om of GigaOm

“Silicon Valley is a hot house where everyone smokes the same crappy weed and participates in a constant feedback loop.”

So with that grain of salt let me say that I was happy when read it on Matt’s site that Flock it out. First thing I did after downloading was to post to my Hindi weblog as this is something I have been looking for. None of the free blogging clients offer a good support for unicoded Devnagari. I was a happy puppy when flock recognized the name of my weblog correctly.   You can see my shiny little hindi post from weblog at Haanbhai Incidently this might be the first unicoded post from flock. Needless to say this post is also from flock. I like the ability to put technorati tags from interface itself. Will keep using Flock and let us see how it helps making my online life easier. Kudos to Flock team.

Update: This is from WP interface. I had some formatting challenges from the Flock interface so making the changes from WP interface. Plus how do one posts to a particular category from Flock. 

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