I first read about “Feed by MT Anderson” at FutureSalon. I found it interesting and brought the book home. I didn’t read it for quite some time. But yesterday while at work in an elevator it came to my mind that it would be quite possible to get rid of keyboard and monitor. I mean come to think of it these are just one of the input and output mediums we use to interact with our intelligent machines 😀 The idea is not novel at all. Since I knew it is also the theme of Feed. This renewed interest in this idea led me to reading this little fiction for young adults.

Feed is about the few teens in future. They have some sort of chip implanted in their brains which keeps feeding them all this information about where ever they look. It was marketed as a great tool for the kids as they will have access to all information via the feed. I haven’t read the complete book. I liked it so much that I recorded one of the paragraphs where Titus, one of the teens after having lost feed in a hacking incident, is thinking about the past when people didn’t didn’t had feeds. Listen to it

Feed from the Feed