In a personal email thread on Gmail the geeks from CELPEC decided to mull over 5 things

  1. What 5 things in the last ten years have really made you jump out of your proverbial bath tub and run through the streets all excited?
  2. Corollary to (1), What 5 things have really been very useful for you in the last ten years?
  3. What 5 things you see as absolutely neurotic, or useless in the last ten years which have come about and are just not dying out!
  4. What 2-3 ( or more if your heart so desires ) things or innovations would really make a difference to your life?

Being a online community guy I decided to give it a shot on Beta Thoughts :D. So here it goes

Jump out of proverbial bath tub

  • Wifi – from the day I started using this, I am in love with this. Now a days I even stream video from my desktop to TV with a notebook on wifi connecting to desktop
  • P2P – This is just amazing. Have you ever looked at the Detailed view in Azureus
  • Google Earth – While it did make me jump when Guru demoed it to me while it was still keyhole. I used it a lot for doing my apartment search. But now that the novelty has worn off. I am back to Google Maps, if only they would implement A9’s proximity images in it
  • DVD Backup – How easy it is these days to do it and once the DVD is in on the harddisk opportunities to modify the content are endless.
  • Modern Telecom – just the fact that I can talk, video conference, voip with any one with relatively ease still makes me jump from that damn tub. I talk over cell phone, AD conversion, communication with cell tower, base station, may be sattelite, may be fiber under see, voice reaches India, Ambala exchange, my home. All this in before I can count to 10 I mean wow.

Really Useful

  1. All the above except Google Earth which is useful sometimes.
  2. Cell phone is mighty useful
  3. Gmail Conversations.

Neurotic and Useless

  • Didn’t knew about 5 blade Gillette. But would be absolutely useless
  • Telemarketing on Cell phones. God save me from them
  • Healthcare as a bottomline caring business
  • Apple’s stubborn persistence on single button mouse. But it has changed with Might Mouse

What would make difference to my life

  • Netflix or someone going true video on demand
  • Fiber to my home with at least 1 GBps
  • Cheaper Hybrid SUVs with 50 miles/gallon efficiency. Toyota Highlander is a step in that direction
  • Better cheaper dental floss devices
  • 4GHz Dual CPU 8GB RAM 1 Terrabit HDD System under $500 I will use the home 62″ plasma for the display so don’t care about the monitor ūüėÄ