How do you let the world know all the cool technologies and solutions you are brewing up. By opening up more. That is what has been happening in the SAP world for the last couple of years. There was a time when the only public way to access information about SAP was through their website. There were few enthusiast websites but limited in content. This is changing now.

First of all there is SAP Community site. So many interesting discussions happen in the forums. Then there are executive blogs where you can read about vision and what is in the executive’s minds. They always have some cool freebie for the members as a part of their rewards program.

For the more technically inclined geek heads their is SAP Developer Network(SDN). You will find content areas for the complete technology stack. Netweaver, Enterprise Portals, Business Intelligence, and WebDynpro all are their. For consultants like me discussion forums is a great thing. Then there are weblogs where mavens(Thanks Mark for making me aware of this term) can write to their hearts desire. While over there don’t forget to check DevToday based on the ViewPoint technology. It is contextual mining of content on steroids ūüėÄ Before I forget you do need the free registration to access these sites.

You might be a √ɬľber geek but you still need quick access to documentation. Help portal just does the thing and with the help of trex search engine any help page is few click away. To top this all there are Best Practice guides also available on this help portal. These guides are the best qualitative knowledge you would find for implementing any solution from SAP.