Somewhere over the Atlantic, while enroute to US for the first time, my Titan wristwatch gifted by my elder brother on my matriculation started misbehaving. I didn’t buy a new one after seeing time being displayed anywhere and everywhere. From TV settop box, oven, banks to computers. It was as if I was surrounded by clocks. But then my consultant life started and I found myself traveling coast to coast very often. Still my primary way of looking at time was the cell phone. Nice thing about this that cell phone would auto adjust the time based on Time zone. But there was one problem, you can’t switch your phone in an aircraft and on flights of more than two hours watch is one of the ways of passing time. So finally I bought a decent Citizen Eco-Drive. Now I was happy in plane but another problem popped up I have to adjust watch time while traveling.

Today I decided to leave the watch at hotel when I am outside of California and still use the Cell phone as time device and wear the watch only while on planes. Seems like I bought watch for the planes 😉