I am reading this introductory book from SAP Press on SAP CRM. After reading just first few pages the thought that struck me was how well big companies position their software in an enterprise. And how from there point of view, it makes sense to use software from the same enterprise software vendor. Although this might be good from customer’s prespective if they wanted to deal with the same vendor and lessen their integration woes. As one would expect offerings from same vendor to be tightly integrated.

For example lets say you decide to use mySAP CRM, then if you have mySAP ERP inhouse, CRM would be able to integrate with the sales and finance module. And if you had SCM offering from SAP very cool now you can integrate your supply chain vendors. And now if you feel to do some annlytics work, what better solution than SAP BW. And of course while you are at it all this and you want a people centric user interface so that every one can access it so Enterprise Portals would make a lot of sense.