Finally the unthinkable has happen. I never thought I would actually quote TOI. Came across this news about a Portland web developer in Bangalore on TOI via Sulekha. Excerpts from some of the posts on her blog

On traffic and street names

his is not a very easy city to remember street names. In fact, there really aren’t street names on the streets – its just not intuitive to find. In order to find out what street you are on, you need to look at the business signs because some of them have the whole address printed on the sign. It really makes locating businesses/homes a little difficult. I read that Bangalore was built piece by piece. Each locality back then was built by a different ruler. So that’s why the city layout is so complex.

BTW most of the city landscapes are that way. Reading the addresses off the shop business signs is how I used to know which city I am while travelling by bus or train.

I so miss the ease of going to doctors back home. On doctor visit

“I called the reception to call a doctor. The doctor came and did a check up. The doctors here actually do house visits. That was great! Because I did not want to have to ride the bumpy roads just to get to one. The cost was $11 for the house visit (for the BEST doctor) and $3.33 for the medicine she prescribed. Wow! I was really impressed…I was feeling extremely sick and a couple of hours after I took the medicine I was feeling almost 80%. I was able to get up, my headache went away, and my swollen throat eased up. I was so amazed. This is the fastest recovery to any sickness I’ve ever encountered.”

Life moves on

“But now that I have moved into my own apartment, furnished it, found tofu, garlic powder, diet coke at a market just two minutes away, enjoying my 5 minute commute to work; I feel like I am now finally starting to feel and flow with the rhythm of life here. That is a beautiful feeling.”

Finally a reader sums all my feelings in comments for one of the posts

“I am from India and currently live in San Francisco..everytime I get sick I miss the Indian docs so much….U never have to hassle much for an appointment plus recovery is super fast..The medical and insurance infrastructure is very well established in US however it has its own drawbacks…Sometimes you have to wait for weeks to get an appointment with a specialist….

Anyways, I like your blog..Its kinda reverse psychology and interesting for me to read…Hope you travel and enjoy better experiences in India..”