Few days ago Atanu was musing over the problem of over population in India and its effects. In this post he did a thought experiment starting with two families a blue family and green family. Blue is a small family and is able to provide education to the children of the family and green is bigger family and is only able to provide the basic food and clothing. Quoting him

Let’s fast forward a few generations now. Given the rate of growth of populations — exponential — the Greens number in the thousands and the Blues are in hundreds. The Blues have steadily improved their lot since they keep getting richer doing more productive and creative work which is highly valued and the Greens work for the Blues in factories, houses, etc., at less productive (albeit necessary) positions.

Today I read a guest post by Nitin on the NewCaste Sytems on Jivha. What Nitin says is exactly the results of that little thought experiment done by Atanu.

Given her parentage, Karishma Kapoor was able to make the transition from Prem Qaidi to Fiza. The question is whether she would have been given the start, the support and the number of chances to succeed if it were not for Daddy and Granddaddy and Greatgranddaddy. Abhishek Bachchan too will be a good actor one day.

Wow, amazing how on blogland you can see two people saying the same thing in different context.