There are times when I think about going back to school get masters. Often I have thought if I go back what would I be specializing in? Now being a geek at heart I can’t imagine myself getting into a totally tangential field. Being a consultant I have always been involved with high pressure projects and you have to deliver at the right time with the right cost. If you don’t you are out of the game quickly. Wise men of the consulting would agree with me that even with the best intentions sometimes the things don’t go the way you never wanted them to go. So I thought it would nice to go to a school where you go thru these kind of scenarios in a rapid manner. So instead of learning by experience which is a great thing but takes longer time you will have some idea what you are getting into and what to expect. It seems world thinks the same. Atleast researchers at the IBM Alamden Research Center. Infoworld is carrying a story starting a curricullum on services sciences. Quote from the article

The idea behind services science is to develop a curriculum focused on the study of the services industry, much in the same way that computer science gradually evolved as an independent field of study during the mid-20th century.

This had to happen. I am glad it is happening. On a separate note a somewhat related book on this topic is “Aligning the Stars”. An enjoyable read with pragmatic advice.