After a very long time I have again decided to use Linux. I used to be a RH user but this time I am going with Debian, as Nikhil says Real Users use Debian. Being a SAP professional it would have made more sense to install RH but since I am planning to use this for a private wiki serving as an accessory to my brain 😀 Debian should be fine. Besides I am being real cheap on this install. I have an old box PII 400 MHz 128 MB RAM and 4GB HDD which I bought for $100.

I am doing this using this net-install CD so it is taking a bit longer. It has been a about an hour since I started this install. I am using which I guess is hosted in Santa Clara and is giving me download speed of ~160 kB/s. Let us see how this goes. 8m30s to go.


As it happens with so many projects – it failed due to lack of disk space debian instllaler allocated and I approved to install the binaries. Will try again in the evening.


Ended up installing Fedora Core 2.