Sadagopan’s weblog on Emerging Technologies,Thoughts, Ideas,Trends and Cyberworld is a very insightful blog on an amazing gamut of things. Just read his commentry on James Surowiecki‘s article about relationship between technological advancement and happiness. Sums up pretty well at the end

My Take: I would think yes in three ways, A. By creating a huge industry, technology is defintely creating new buisness value and by extension helping the stakeholders. B. By making life better fot the society as a whole C. Tech industry is one of the fastest innovators and so is able to roll out newer solutions/products faster – in the process helping society at large happy by providing new variety!!.

And here is my take on it ūüėÄ I have often wondered about the happiness. During the surveys that James Surowiecki articles talks about when people were asked about happiness were they thinking about fun or happiness. It is quite too often that one would confuse between the too. To me real happiness is like looking at one’s kids, getting the love of one’s life etc. Having fun would be visiting Disney world, taking the roller coaster ride etc. It is this fun that looses its novelty just too easy. After being on a ride on 30 feet roller coaster you want to have a bigger thrill, so you go for 50 feet and so on.