So finally Google for desktop search is here. First impressions – easy to install, takes about 9 MB of your RAM, solid search functionality. Especially love the interface where you can click on the file types in the search results i.e. if you want to see search results for emails you can. Some of the suggestions/rants I have

  1. Can someone connect from remote computer to the google search on my computer.

  2. An option to password protect the search would be nice.

  3. Stop words – don’t let any one search on my computer on the word “account” or “password”

  4. It is nice to see the google search icon in the system tray but there should be a way to make it invisible and just be running there. Connect to it using the URL or from Start menu etc.

For an interesting discussion check this link at manageability.

Update: Read Om’s post for more coverage on this. While I agree with Om that there are better alternatives available but IMHO google’s reach would make their tool much more popular than any other tool. Let’s see how this goes ūüėÄ