During the go-go nineties I read an article for making a highly successful and effective web site. I have forgotten the authorss name but his ideas are still valid and proving mighty right every day with the success of weblogs. Author’s views were that three Cs are necessary for a highly successful site. Content, Community, and Collaboration. Author backed this by giving the example of MSN. Before Microsoft acquired hotmail, MSN was just another site. But when Microsoft added the hotmail community its popularity skyrocketed.

Blogging’s popularity is reaching the levels of obsession. In my opinion this popularity is again due to these three tenets of CCC. Newer blogging softwares like MoveableType, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress has made any body and every body a web publisher. Comments complement the collaboration piece of puzzle. With the reach of RSS, ATOM and trackback capabilities of blogs newer and newer communities are being formed dynamically. This is going to continue for a while. Let us see where it takes us.

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