Finally I did some work on the remaining todo items for Beta Thoughts


I am pleased with my work on the logo. It is a picture of digit nine in binary i.e. 1001. It is said that 9 is the most powerful digit . Will do some more research on it later. If someone has some link on it please leave a comment.

Also notice the same logo in address bar. I need to work on the header image as jpeg is totally messed after being subjected to many saves.

Install with a different directory

Pretty simple just had to follow the guide over here.

SAP Category and its separate page

Being a SAP Netweaver consultant I wanted to write about it but didn’t wanted to put it on the main page. Just had to follow this message on forums. Now the SAP categories has its own sideblog at

TODO: Still thinking about should I go with Matt’s asides or RebelPixel’s Recent-Links. Any suggestions?