Finally Om, has made the switch. It has been a long battle. I wish software world was easy enough that systems behaved the way we wanted them not the way we told them. I would say it is a great win for WP community considering Om’s path to switch

  1. Disstatisfied with MT’s performance decides to move on to Expression Engine
  2. EE doesn’t fit the bill moves on to WP 1.0.2
  3. Due to tech snafus with hosting provider moves to typepad
  4. Also tries Blogger
  5. Due to limited features on Blogger moves back to MT but this time upgrades to MT 3.0
  6. Again hits the same issues as earlier MT version
  7. Moves back to WP on 1.2

I am hoping this time the move is for good. Considering the frequency at which he writes it should be a good testcase for WP’s preformance. Now it better be good as his readership is huge.