Having folks back in India warrants a lot of overseas call. For the reasons best known to VSNL or other such outfits international calling to and from India has been quite expensive. Its still better than when I came over here. At that time it used to be 37 cents per minute thru MCI or AT&T. Then I discovered the world of calling cards. Rediff Valucom was just god sent gift at 20-25 cents a minute with no pin to call.

After a while Valucom also became expensive and I moved on to ReliableCom, SDICard and 9278.com etc at the rate of 14-18 cents a minute. Now when I got back from I got to know of Reliance India Call which is giving India calling at the introductory price of 11.9 cents per minute. I am totally liking their service. Now since this is an introductory price let us see what happens in the future. It would also be interesting to see how they cope up when every one starts using them.