During one of my business trips I had to stay in one of the leading chain hotels. They had a 24×7 business services section for the guests to surf internet and use M$ office. For security reasons when you clicked on the Start button of their M$ XP it showed only Shutdown and Logoff options. There were links for office and IE on the desktop. So a user was stuck with only these options. I had to print few pdfs which I emailed myself to my Hotmail acct and went to the Business Service section to print them by visiting hotmail. Some how whatever I was sending to the printer was getting queued in the printer queue and never printing. There was no way to debug this thing. Out of shear desperation I was trying different key combinations and I hit F1 accidently. Help Center opened up and I could search for command prompt for there which gave me a link to the open up command prompt. So much for security. I guess someone can say that security was not setup correctly on those computers but if it is difficult to set up the security then it is of no use.

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