I have been reading the “How I became a Hindu” by Sri Sita Ram Goel for the past few hours. I came across this paragraph which tells a lot about so many of us

“The business of life can go on very well without an ideological frame of reference. One eats and mates and sleeps and makes a living. One reads books and papers and gossips and goes about passing conventional judgments on current events, One has a family, a profession, a circle of friends, and some hobby to keep one occupied in leisure time. One grows old, collects one’s own share of diseases, and looks back with anguish towards earlier days when one was young and active. For most of us ordinary mortals, this is the whole of human life. We take very seriously our successes and failures and our loves and hates, without spending a thought on what it is all about.”

Though on a higher frame of reference i.e. about life it is true. An interesting observation was a side effect which I am sure the auther had not thought is “gossips and goes about passing conventional judgments on current events”, isn’t that tells a lot about blogging. ūüėÄ And am I doing the same thing.

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