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Mystery of green circles

Often when I am travelling I see these giant green circles on the ground. They look beautiful and is clear are man made. But what is going on. I have seen them all over the US, on the west coast, … Continue reading

05. May 2012 by Pankaj
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Bridges of bay area

Whenever you are flying over an area just after the takeoff or before landing, most of the time landscape below looks like a organized jumble of residential and commercial buildings with criss-crossing roads and highways. Since our mind is such … Continue reading

24. February 2012 by Pankaj
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First Sin of Capitalism?

WaPo’s article on Foreclosure Fraud via Big Picture has this quote from the article “Law firms competed with one another to file the largest number of foreclosures on behalf of lenders – and were rewarded for their work with bonuses. … Continue reading

16. October 2010 by Pankaj
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