Beta Thoughts is the weblog of Pankaj Narula. Pankaj works in the enterprise software space as a Principal Technology Consultant at SAP America of Palo Alto, CA. I use this weblog to share my thoughts about my professional life as a SAP professional.

I am regular writer at SDN or SAP Developer’s Network which is a great resource for people working in SAP field. You can read my writings at


Having learnt Hindi as my first language I love reading and writing in Hindi. To continue that on web, I have a Hindi weblog named Mirchiseth. You might find it interesting if you know Hindi.

Some More Background

I grew up in Ambala a town in North India 200 kilometer north of New Delhi. I did my high school in Chandigarh a city also known as The City Beautiful. I did my bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Punjab Engieering College, Chandigarh . After a short stint of work in India I came to Louisville, KY in July 1998. From there I moved to California in 1999 and have been in the Bayarea since then.
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Disclaimer : All views and thoughts shared on this weblog are mine and doesn’t not represent my employer’s view.

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